We are so grateful to everyone who has willingly helped us with this Operation Soccer Chopper. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.


31 Responses to “Your comments”

  1. jill preston Says:

    My brother jim preston sent this to me he works with Princeton, I just looked at the pics and that is just the greatest thing you guys are doing-it’s the first pic I’ve seen with levity over there-truly wonderful and amazing-looking at the kids playing was really inspiring about the entire situation, wonderful, truly.

  2. nyc8675309 Says:

    Princeton and all,
    Your post from 5/11 really touched me. I know you started this mission for fun but each day I think it grows with you and inside you (and all of us). I do not come from a military family and while I have always appreciated the men and women who do serve our country I never really understood how much of an impact the physical presence of another nation’s military could have within a country. I am starting to understand a bit from your thoughts on how the drops are affecting both your crew and the “locals”.
    I agree that this mission has allowed the children to look at the helicopters in a different way.. but also as you state… has changed the course of conversation around the Afghan dinner tables.
    Bravo! And thank you.

  3. Craig (Dadto) Says:

    Hey Princeton and Crew,

    Great Job! Great Photo’s! More balls on the way! You’re going to need a CH-47! LOL!


  4. Amy Says:

    Thank you for making those kids happy.
    You guys ROCK!!!!!!

  5. John & Donna Says:

    You all are doing such a fantastic mission on our behalf, and it is a breath of fresh air to read your moving accounts of the drops. Your photos and words are so moving. As Bob Hope said “thanks for the memories!” Know you are in our constant thoughts and prayers.

  6. Yoli J. Says:

    Hey guys! I just wanted to drop a note and tell you all what an amazing job you all are doing! John J. is the one who sent me the information on OSC and I can’t even begin to tell you all how proud I am of our Military men serving there. Keep up the wonderful work guys! There are more balls coming!
    Yoli J.

  7. Shane H Says:

    Photos Posted 6/28.. I am grinning ear to ear as I recognize those soccer balls… I hope that those who receive them will have the same feeling that I have now and will be wearing the same big smile. Thanks to Princeton and his fellow pilots for delivering a very wonderful and unexpected gift. For my part I cant tell you how happy it makes me feel to be in a very small way involved in this operation. You are making a difference and I hope to send you another batch of balls soon.

  8. Tammy G Says:

    Hey Princeton (Everyone else helping too)!

    First of all, thanks so much for being there defending our freedom this holiday week (and every other day of the year). We really do appreciate all you do for our country!

    Secondly, I mailed 4 more balls and a care package off today.

    Thanks again!

  9. soccerchopper Says:

    No, Thank YOU Tammy and everyone else who helps to make this program such a wonderful thing to be a part of! I am astounded at all of the responses from everyone and for all the packages of soccer balls sent.

    Happy Birthday America! Happy 4th of July to everyone!

    God Bless America…she’s worth defending, she really is.


  10. Clarissa Says:

    You guys ROCK! Awesome!!!

  11. PeterGlowaski Says:

    The black background makes it hard to read.
    Great job with the soccer balls. Your effort proves the fact that our soldiers are there to help. We need to do everything we can to support our troops. One person can make a difference. Check out this web site

  12. luis Says:


    it is very interesting what you do, specially because that must be an official attitude, not a “solo” drive.


  13. Star in Afgan... Says:

    1. Wondeful idea! (Let the children have someting to eat together with the balls)

    2. Power can do nothing. Warmth and humanitarian
    thoughts will prevail… (The children will love U.S. when grown up)

    3. Continue your efforts in many developed and diversified ways.

    Best Regards.


  14. J. Kim Says:

    Hi Princeton

    My name is J. Kim. I would like to thank you for what you’re doing for kids in Afghanistan.
    I hope that children in the country will not lose their hope, grow healthy and become adults who can peacefully participate in developing their own country in a good way. I’m sure that they appreciate what you’ve done for them now or one day when they become grown-up.

    Love in people in Afghanistan.

    J. Kim

  15. Bert Says:

    God bless you, man. The joy on these kids faces, where there so often isn’t anything to be happy about is so neat to see. Keep up the awesome work and stay safe.

  16. two Says:

    Wonderful! Been to Afghanistan, know these gifts will be treasured and appreciated.
    Please email me when you can at mynyco(at)gmail.com – have an idea that is a pressing matter to me, and a hunch that you might like it as well.

  17. winston Says:

    This is so nice… Thank you America!

  18. Charles Nelsen Says:

    With all the ill news coming from Iraq, this is like a breath of fresh air. We are proud of you. Our deepest thanks to you and your crews for your service and commitment to us and to others.

  19. David Myers Says:

    A member of our youth soccer club presented your soccer chopper operation to us at our most recent Board meeting. What a fantastic idea and well worth backing. Our Club is in the process of putting a plan in place to collect soccer balls and deliver to you in late October / early November. Thank you & all your comrades for protecting our country and allowing our kids a safer environment to play and prosper through the great sport of soccer!

  20. Ilene Says:

    So sorry to see this go away. Thank you, Princeton and your crew, for your vision and your willingness to help these children one soccer ball at a time.

  21. Paula Campbell Says:

    Hi there,
    I love the OSC idea and have been reading the archives. I was thrilled that Priceton could give his wife an absolutely beautiful birthday gift– a gift to others–children specifically.
    I want to have my 2 toddlers participate in National Day of Giving which is scheduled for October 27, 2007. I was hoping that their bake sale profits, at their soccer game, could go toward buying soccer balls for OSC. The latest entry (10.3.07) indicated that the OSC helicopter delivery would end at the end of October. I just want to check that the balls are still being delivered from November on.
    Thanks again for sharing the beautiful stories of OSC and thanks to the incredible spirit of Princeton who has brought so many smiles to very thankful children!
    Paula Campbell
    Livermore, California

  22. G Says:

    Hey Prince,

    I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I miss working with you guys. I could not have asked to be assigned with such a great group of guys. Of all the things that I’ve experienced I will never forget the day we went out and dropped the balls. Seeing the smiling faces of all the kids will never be forgotten. Take care and see u when u get back.

    “G” your AF SWO

  23. Brazillian Says:

    Congratulations for this initiative, although not to agree to this war. Good luck for all and I wait that all come back toward house in security. They are with God. Brazilian greetings direct of the Rio de Janeiro. BRAZIL = country of the soccer

  24. Jen / momof2greatcats Says:

    Hey Princeton –
    You have received several shipments of soccer balls from me (Jennifer G in Ohio) but they are not mine alone – they are from parents, in-laws, friends, church people, all sorts of folks! Everyone I’ve mentioned this to thinks you are doing such a great thing.

    You and Nicole are amazing and even though OSC is winding down, I’m sure you made a positive impact that will last longer than we can imagine.

    Blessings –

  25. soccerchopper Says:

    Thank you so much!

    I’m so greatful that all of you have such positive experiences and feedback from friends and family.

    I’m posting an update today so be sure to check out the latest happenings for OSC.

    Even though the pace has stepped down a bit, there are still opportunities for soccer balls to have an impact on the surrounding community.


  26. Jan Says:

    I have heard that you haven’t been dropping the balls since August because you were ordered not to drop them. Why haven’t you told us to stop sending them? My friend in 4 BCT fills me in on what is going on. Why the deception?


  27. Nicole Says:

    Jan, if you read the post from 30 Aug, Princeton addressed the issue and said the operation was on temporary hold. On 25 September he also posted that the air drops would have to be halted but that balls would be distributed in other ways. In that post as well he said that ball collections would stop. Because we knew we had several people with soccer ball drives in process we did not stop the collections immediately.

    The remaining two update posts talk about other times Princeton was able to distribute balls. He has not mentioned every single incident.

    Be assured that every ball that has been donated will be given to an Afghan child. They might not be dropped from a helicopter, but they will get to their intended recipient.

    I can’t see where there has been any deception, and apologize to anyone who thinks that has been our intent.


  28. Jan Says:

    I just got in from my night shift and received a response email from my friend. My friend is a senior officer with the 4 BCT and said that his boss gave the order to stop. He said that the balls are piled up in a container. Just trying to figure this one out since I participated in the donations with my former school team.


  29. Nicole Says:

    Thanks Jan. We may want to continue this conversation via email at operationsoccerchopper2007@gmail.com.

    Air drops were stopped in August after the riots. However there have been several other ball deliveries, including a major convoy on 1 November that distributed 500 balls to an Afghan school.

    If you would like your balls returned to you that can be arranged. Otherwise they will be given to an Afghan child – not via helicopter, but they will still be distributed.

    It would be great if your senior officer friend could help get the air drops going again, since Princeton has exhausted all his options and is forced to deal with ground units.

  30. jenny Says:

    Major convoy –

    Nicole and Princeton,

    How wonderful to hear that the military authorized this method for distributing so many soccer balls to a school in Afghanistan.

    It is so wonderful that each and every soccer ball will eventually find its way into the hands of a young person of Afghanistan.

    I was talking about this over Thanksgiving with my family. My daughter (age 2) only donated one ball. A pink one. But really she has no idea that she did that. I did it for her. And that is the way TRUE charity should be. Anonymous.

    Some of my family members were amazed that complete strangers opened their hearts (and their wallets) and made an effort to assist on this mission. Some only donated one, and as I read hear on your blog, others organized youth groups and community collections. How wonderful that families around the world joined together to help fill a need (and to support one single man with his mission).

    It must be very frustrating for Princeton and his crew to see that they still have some soccer balls left to distribute but then I go and read about all the drops that were made and I see the photos of children playing and I know that somewhere in Afghanistan a gorgeous pink soccer ball is being loved by a young child. And one day, all the soccer balls will be in the hands of a child in Afghanistan.

    Thank you Nicole and Princeton for reminding me what the human race can do when we work together, but especially when we do it for children.

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