Happy Birthday to Me!

3 October 2007

Hi OSC fans, it’s Nicole this time sharing with you an email that Princeton sent to me this morning. It’s my birthday and he gave me the best gift ever. I’ll let him tell it:

***Earlier today I was walking to my “office” when I noticed that there were a few kids hanging around the hospital. I talked to this one medic guy named George who I’ve seen before but not really met. I think he’s from a different country because he never wears a uniform and he’s always dressed in khakis. He has a European accent and a huge beard. I talked to him about giving away soccer balls and he invited me to go with him next time he goes out. I accepted his offer and told him where to find me when he goes out again. We’ll see how that works out. I showed him how many soccer balls I had to give away and he asked me for one to give to a little boy he knew. I gave him one. I then walked to the hospital and asked how many kids were there. They said four. Two little boys were standing outside. The two boys already saw me open the ISU container when I gave George a soccer ball. When I looked at them they knew that I was going to give them a soccer ball. They started talking to me in Pashto and I knew what they were saying to me. I opened the ISU and dumped the balls on the ground. I told them that they could have one ball each. You can see the smile on their faces. They were so happy. The little boy couldn’t figure out which ball he wanted. He kept picking up one, dropping it then picking another. He was overwhelmed. Even though they couldn’t understand me, I told them anyway…

“Today is my wife’s birthday. I didn’t give her a gift, but today I’m giving you a gift as if I’m giving it to her. Today her birthday present is a soccer ball to each of you”.

After that I went back to the hospital to give the other two kids a soccer ball as well. They were very happy to get them. I’m so glad I have these soccer balls to give them. Thank you for helping me get them over here. I was right when I said that I didn’t have to drop them from a helicopter to make kids happy, just getting these kids a soccer ball makes them plenty happy enough.***

Seeing his smiling face is all the birthday present I could ever ask for. Thank you so much to all of you who have helped with this project. Without your generosity in sending soccer balls, none of this could happen.


One Response to “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. Jen / momof2greatcats Says:

    Happy Birthday Nicole!
    Glad to hear Princeton is still giving out balls, even though they aren’t falling from the sky anymore.

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