A Brief Update

25 September 2007

Hello OSC Fans,

 In the past few weeks OSC has been on hold. The incident with one particular soccer ball has turned into an International Incident and the future of OSC looks bleak. Right now, I am getting little support from higher up so this will lead me to end Operation Soccer Chopper at the end of October. I will still accept donations throughout that same month though. Since OSC had been put on hold from late August I’ve received soccer balls in the mail from a lot of people. I still have those balls and they will be distributed to the local kids. However, they will not be dropped by helicopter. Instead, arrangements will be made to deliver the balls by ground vehicles. I’ve been invited to join those ground vehicles and I plan to do so when the time comes. It will give me a chance to interact with some of the kids who will be getting the balls and get some close up pictures of the event.

 Please keep in mind that the whole purpose of OSC is to give the kids a ball to play with. Whether it’s dropped by helicopter or given to them in person, all that matters is that kids get some soccer balls. Please continue to send your soccer balls in because I will still try to get them out to every kid that wants one.

 Additionally, we are in the middle of the observance of Ramadan, the holy month of the Muslim faith. Even if OSC wasn’t on hold, I would’ve put a hold on dropping soccer balls at least until October 13th which is the end of Ramadan.

 Please keep your donations coming in until the end of October. That is when OSC will stop. I will discourage the incoming unit from starting any similar programs such as this because it appears that there is little support for this type of activity.

Thank you to everyone who’s contributed and made the few kids we were able to get soccer balls to very happy.



2 Responses to “A Brief Update”

  1. nyc8675309 Says:

    Princeton and colleagues,

    We are all so grateful that you had the thought to drop even 1 ball. You realized a need in the community and a way to reach out as “neighbors”.

    I think it is wonderful that you will be doing a hand to hand delivery of the last batch of balls. I know that you have been wanting to see these kids up close.

    Your compassion and kindness toward these children will not be forgotten by them. They will tell stories of how gifts of balls fell from the skies. The will be able to tell their friends and their future children of this event.

    I am looking forward to the day when Afghanistan’s soccer team wins the World Cup and one of the interviewees says… “If it weren’t for that ball that dropped into my field, I would be surrounded by cows now instead of teammates.” He (or she) will then beam the largest smile and send YOU a thumbs up through international media.

    Congratulations on meeting your goals.

    with love and thanks,

    Jenny Lando

  2. MeganC Says:

    Princeton…You know our family has been a huge supporter of OSC and of our troops in general! It breaks my heart to read this news. Out of all those positive experiences, it takes one small negative to make everyone turn sour. It’s so, so wrong! We sent 23 balls last week and I have a dozen or so more here to send as well. I’m so sorry that there is such lack of support for OSC. It should continue! If we can help in any other way, PLEASE don’t hesitate to let me know! 🙂

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