We’re back!

21 June 2007

Greetings OSC fans! Thanks for your patience during the last few weeks when Princeton was home on leave. That time flew by far too quickly though, and now he’s back in Afghanistan and ready to get going with Operation Soccer Chopper again.

One of the guys in his unit said that when they’ve been flying the past few weeks, they’ve seen several kids who’ve waved and made ball-kicking motions, so the word is definitely getting out. They don’t even know Princeton was on R&R and there are dozens of kids who are glad he’s back!

The mail kept coming while he was gone, and he returned to a big pile of boxes in his office:
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Remember that the balls in those boxes are mostly deflated, so there are a LOT of balls in that pile! The first thing that has to be done is to inflate all of them. The whole unit is getting a lot of satisfaction out of OSC so there is never a shortage of volunteers to help with that.
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It will be a few days before we have any more “action” shots of actual drops, but until then, here’s one “kid” who’s having fun with one of the donated soccer balls!

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