Front seat viewing…

2 June 2007

Hello OSC fans! I’m now on leave for a short time away from Afghanistan so I have no posts to tell you how things are going with the Soccer Drops. However, on one of the drops before I left we were able to vidoetape things that were going on. I hope you enjoy the footage I posted here. Remember that these are homemade videos so it may get a little shaky, but its neat to see the kids running around and chasing the balls. 

You may need to lower the sound level once the video starts playing. Press play to see one of the OSC ball drops!!!! 

In the video below we’re on our way to find a spot to drop the balls. You can see some of the 100 balls that the Allen family sent us.  

In this video clip the blue ball we dropped was from my sister in law, Liesl. You can see all the kids that gathered around once we started dropping…so many kids, so few balls!

It appears that one of the requirements to getting an OSC ball is to be able to run faster than the other kids. Its amazing how high a soccer ball can bounce.

Its a good feeling to see the kids run after these balls. I do admit that seeing the reaction of the kids with the balls makes me want to keep dropping them.

When the ball was dropped on this clip, it seems that one kid caught it but gave it to another. I’m not sure why one kid had two balls, but there was nothing I could do but go somewhere else.

After all the balls have been dropped for the day, we flew over and gave them a farewell wave. I seldom go back to the same spots to drop balls so I’m not sure when I’ll be back in that area. A good day indeed!

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